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Will - Thomas Edward Quested brickmaker of Dorringstone died 3 April 1879

UK National Probate Calendar 1879

UK National Probate Calendar 1879

This is the last will and Testament of Thomas Edward Quested of
Dorringstone, in the County of Kent, Farmer and Brick-maker. 

I hereby give and bequeath to my wife Jane Quested for her life all my Estate and Effects both real and personal whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature and quality soever. And I hereby appoint her the said Jane Quested and my son Thomas Edward Quested and John Bowley my Executrix and Executors. 

And at the decease of my wife I will and bequeath to my son Thomas Edward Quested aforesaid those two cottages situated at Dorringstone occupied by Matthew Quested and Henry Tilly for him absolutely and forever also to my sons Alfred Quested and Frederick Quested those four cottages called Alms Houses to divide equally for themselves absolutely and forever and as soon after the decease of my Wife as convenient to my Executors the whole of my estate and effects shall be realised and be equally divided amongst my sons and
daughters after paying all my just debts and excepting the cottages herein before mentioned should my Executors find they are unable to carry on the
Business for the benefit of my Wife Jane Quested then I will that part or
even all of the Business shall be sold or disposed of as the said executors
shall think best. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of June One Thousand eight hundred and seventy eight.

Signature T.E. Quested

Witnesses Danzey Somerville Cresswell and Joseph Mount

Proved at Canterbury the 31st May 1879 by the Oaths of Jane Quested widow
the Relict and Thomas Edward Quested the son two of the Executors to whom
Administration was granted Power being reserved of making the like grant to
John Bowley the other executor.

The Testator Thomas Edward Quested was late of Dorringstone in the Parish of Barham in the County of Kent Farmer and Brickmaker and died on the 3rd day of April 1879 at Dorringstone aforesaid

Estate under 2000 pounds

Marriage Mr Thomas Ashbee to Mrs Quested

From St. James's Chronicle or the  British Evening Post ( London,England ), Tuesday, November 24, 1767; Issue  1051.

Canterbury, Nov. 23.
A few Days ago Mr. Thomas ASHBEE, of  Pluckley, was married to Mrs. QUESTED, of Challock