English Probate Index 1858 - 1939

Probate Index for QUESTED from 1858 to 1939 proved in England

1858 20 Aug,
Will of Frances Quested Under 4000 pounds of Wye in the County of Kent. Spinster deceased who died 31 July 1858 at Wye aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry by the Oath of John Rigby Hinde of 26 Southampton Street Strand in the County of Middlesex Gentleman
one of the Executors.

1861 28 Jan
Will of Elizabeth Quested Effects under 500 Pounds
The will of Elizabeth Quested, late of  Sandgate in the County of Kent Widow, deceased who died 29 November 1860 at Sandgate aforesaid was proved at Canterbury by the oaths of John Bean of Sandgate aforesaid Gentleman and John Voillier Bean of Dibgate in the said County Farmer and Grazier the executors.

1861 30 January
Will of Matthew Quested, Effects under 800 pounds
late of Drills in the Parish of Elham in the County of Kent Yeoman deceased who died 26 January 1860 at Drills aforesaid was proved at Canterbury by the oaths of Elizabeth Quested of the said Parish Widow, the Relict and Richard Quested of the same place Yeoman, and Thomas Quested of the Parish of Postling near Hythe in the said County Yeoman, the Sons, the Executors.

1862 29 July
Letters of Administration John William Quested Effects under 200 pounds
Letters of Administration of the personal estate and effects of John William Quested late of Chapel Street Woolwich in the County of Kent, Chemist and druggist deceased who died 14 July 1862 at Chapel Street aforesaid were granted at the Principle Registry to Mary Ann Quested of Chapel Street aforesaid Widow the relict of the said deceased she having been first sworn.

1865 4 April
Will of Lydia Quested Effects under 300 pounds
The will of Lydia Quested formerly of Great Waltham in the County of Essex but late of 27 Lower Bland Street Dover Road in the County of Surrey Spinster deceased who died 24 April 1865 at 27 Lower Bland Street aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry by the oath of Robert Dannatt the Younger of Great Waltham aforesaid Farmer, one of the Executors.

1865 18 September
Administration of William Hunter Quested
Letters of Administration of the Personal Estate and Effects of William Hunter Quested late of Rickmansworth in the County of Hertford Chemist and Druggist deceased who died 5 May 1865 at Rickmansworth aforesaid were granted at the Principal Registry to Mary Quested of 26 Spencer Road Hornsey in the County of Middlesex, Widow, the Relict of the said deceased she having been first sworn.

1870 24 September
Will of Elizabeth Quested Effects under 1500 pounds
The Will of Elizabeth Quested late of the City of Canterbury Spinster deceased who died 10 Aug 1870 at the City aforesaid was proved at Canterbury by the Oath of Reeves Quested of the City aforesaid, Gentleman, the brother the surviving executor.

Will of Reeves Quested
Will of Reeves Quested formerly of the City of Canterbury but late of 1 Mill Road, Lower Walmer in the Parish of Walmer in the County of Kent Gentleman who died 30 January 1873 at Walmer was proved at Canterbury by Octavius John Andrews of the Borough of Chatham in the County of Kent Manager of the Chatham Branch of the London & County Bank the sole executor.

1875 24 April
Administration (with the Will) of George Quested Effects under 100 pounds Administration (with the Will) of George Quested formerly of Ash next Sandwich in the County of Kent but late of Vernon Place in the City of Canterbury, Land Surveyor, who died 30 December 1874 at Vernon Place was granted to Maria Jones of Watling Street Canterbury, Widow and Jane Dobbin Quested Spinster of Vernon Place the daughters, the Residuary Legatees.

1879 31 May
Will of Thomas Edward Quested Personal Estate under 2000 pounds
The will of Thomas Edward Quested late of Derringstone in the Parish of Barham in the County of Kent, Farmer and Brickmaker who died 3 April 1879 at Derringstone, was proved at Canterbury by Jane Quested Widow the Relict and Thomas Edward Quested, farmer, the son both of Derringstone two of the executors.

1880 29 December
Will of Richard Quested Personal Estate under 1000 pounds
The will of Richard Quested formerly of the Grove Medina Road Holloway but late of the Grove Hall Asylum Bow both in the County of Middlesex, Gentleman who died 16 November 1880 at the Grove Hall Asylum was proved at the Principal Registry by Richard Joseph Quested of 84 Wood Street Cheapside in the City of London, House Steward, the Son and Alfred Stevens of 29 Bethune Road, Stoke Newington in the said County, Gentleman, the Executors.

1881 5 October
Will Mary Quested Personal Estate 249pounds 8 shillings
The will of Mary Quested, late of Marlborough Road Margate in the county of Kent, Spinster, who died 26 August 1881 at Marlborough Road, was proved at the Principal Registry by Susan Morris (wife of Henry Morris) of 1 & 2 Peters Lane West Smithfield in the City of London the niece, the sole executrix.

1888 23 June
Will of George Quested Personal Estate 3655 pounds 2s 1d
The will of George Quested late of St Mildred's Lodge Street near Margate in the county of Kent, Gentleman, who died 1 April 1888 at St Mildred's Lodge was proved at Canterbury by Rebecca Quested, of St Mildred's Lodge, the widow, the relict and Richard Edmund Pottinger of Ladythorpe, Addlestone in the County of Surrey, Gentleman, the executors.

1888 24 July
Will of Richard Quested Personal estate 997 pounds 7s 9d
The Will of Richard Quested late of Bladbean Elham in the County of Kent Farmer who died 3 July 1888 at Bladbean was proved at Canterbury by Martha Quested, widow, the relict (during widowhood), Richard Quested of Bladbean farmer the son, and Thomas Quested of Postling in the said County Farmer, the brother, the executors.

(After 1892 if place of death not specified then it is same as residence)

Administration Charlotte Quested Effects 193 pounds
Administration of Charlotte Quested of Ferry Road, Rye Sussex (wife of Thomas Quested) died 22 January 1892. Administration London 27 February to Albert Quested coachman.

Will of Thomas Quested Effects 751 pounds 4s 6d
Thomas Quested of Ferry Road, Rye Sussex died 27 Jan 1892 Probate London 24 February to Albert Quested coachman and John Oliver, corn merchant' s assistant.

Will Thomas Quested Effects 1156 pounds1s 7d
Thomas Quested of Shrine Farm Postling, Kent, farmer, died 28 May 1894. Probate Canterbury 2 August to Thomas Quested Farmer.

Will Samuel Quested Effects 70 pounds 13s
Samuel Quested of 12 Chaucer Road, Acton, Middlesex died 23 November 1896. Probate London 23 December to Edwin William Draisey railway booking clerk.

Will Edward Quested effects 230 pounds 9s 6d
Edward Quested of the Shornecliffe Inn, Coolinge Lane, Folkestone died 9 December 1898. Probate London 26 January 1899 to Ann Quested widow.

Will Betsy Ann Quested Effects 585 pounds 17s 3d
Betsy Ann Quested of 5 Bismarck Road Archway Road, Highgate  Middlesex, widow, died 26 May 1900. Probate London 4 July to John Harris journalist.

Will Richard Joseph Quested Effects 4647 pounds 17s 1d
Richard Joseph Quested of 1 Victoria Mansions, Holloway Road, Middlesex dies 18 January 1903, Probate London 31 March to Harry Brown, warehouseman.

Will Martha Quested Effects 466 pounds 16s
Martha Quested of Bladbean, Elham Kent, widow died 19 December 1903 Probate Canterbury 12 February to Richard Quested and Matthew Quested farmers.

Will Mary Ann Knowles Quested Effects 655 pounds 4s
Mary Ann Knowles Quested of Charing, Kent, spinster died 20 June 1905. Probate London 10 July to John Jenkins farmer and Alfred George Jenkins,carpenter.

Will of Rebecca Quested Effects 360 pounds 15s 1d
Rebecca Quested of St Mildred's Lodge Westgate On Sea Kent, widow died 10 September 1906 Probate London 10 November to Ernest Leslie Pottinger Quested, gentleman and George Evan Jones, professor of music

Will of Charles Robert Quested Effects 545 pounds 4 s 7d
Charles Robert Quested of the Victoria Hotel Cheriton Kent hotel proprietor died 27 March 1907 Probate Canterbury 18 May to Alice Quested, widow

Will Edwin Quested Effects 423 pounds 5s
Edwin Quested of 30 East Street Ashford, Kent, labourer, died 27 January 1907. Probate Canterbury. 16 March to Adelize Quested, widow.

Will Thomas Edward Quested Effects 10357 pounds 12s 8d Resworn 11797 pounds 12s 8d
Thomas Edward Quested of Digges Place Barham Kent farmer died 13 June 1907.Probate Canterbury. 10 September to John Egerton Quested farmer.

Will Frederick Quested Effects 814 pounds 11s 11d
Frederick Quested of 68 Arodene Road, Brixton Hill, Surrey died 28 November 1909. Probate London 15 December to Jane Quested widow.

Will Emily Quested Effects 495 pounds 4s 3d
Emily Quested of 181 Camden Road, Camden Town, Middlesex widow died 6 April 1916. Probate London to George Richard Quested, artist.

Administration Thomas Quested, Effects 473 pounds 10s
Thomas Quested of the Plough Inn Bletchingley, Surrey died 17 April 1916. Administration 5 May to Emma Quested widow.

Administration (with will) George Edward Quested Effects 503 pounds
George Edward Quested of 77 Alexandra Road, Sheerness, Kent died 10 September 1922 Administration (with will) London 24 January to George Edward Quested shipwright .

Will Jane Quested Effects 931 pounds 11s
Jane Quested of 68 Arodene Road, Brixton Hill Surrey, widow, died 18 February 1924. Probate London to Frederick Ernest Quested insurance clerk.

Will Adeliza Quested Effects 358 pounds 6 s 1d
Adeliza Quested of Jesmond Dene, Hillyfields, Ashford, Kent widow, died 14 November 1925. Probate London 28 December to William Gage Quested, carpenter.

Will Albert Quested Effects 5979 pounds 14s 1d
Albert Quested of Elmfield House, Elmfield Road, Bromley, Kent died 1 October 1928. Probate London 3 November to Ernest Goddard solicitor and Ernest Stuart Lyan Jorgensen, esquire.

Will Charles Quested Effects 1921 pounds 8s 10d
Charles Quested of 35 Bradstone Road, Folkestone, died 30 January 1928. Probate Canterbury 25 February to Sarah Jane Quested, widow.

Will Henrietta Sarah Quested Effects 706 pounds 2s 4d
Henrietta Sarah Quested of Cleveland Sunny Hill Road, Herne Bay Kent,Spinster died 15 August 1930 at St Georges, Grandrive, Herne Bay. Probate London 28 August Frederick Giles Short, retired draper.

Will Kate Quested Effects 1782 pounds 2s 5d
Kate Quested of 64 Ellington Road, Ramsgate, spinster, died 12 March 1931.Probate London 21 May to Ernest Leslie Pottinger Quested, gentleman.

Administration George Henry Quested Effects 130 pounds
George Henry Quested of 2 Berrymead Gardens, Acton, Middlesex, died 22 November 1919 at Acton Hospital, Acton. Administration London 23 December to Frederick George Quested, platelayer.

Administration Hannah Quested Effects 67 pounds 2s 1d
Hannah Quested of 12 Chaucer Road, Acton, Middlesex, widow, who died 18 December 1931 at Twyford Lodge, Acton Lane, Acton. Administration (with Will) London 27 May to William George Smith, piano tuner.

Administration James Quested Effects 140 pounds 9s
James Quested of 58 Studley Grange Road, Hanwell, Middlesex died 2 January 1910 at Union Infirmary, Isleworth, Middlesex. Administration London 20 December to Mary Jane Gower (wife of George Herbert Gower).

Will Mary Quested Effects 19 pounds 14 s
Mary Quested of 47 Stainford Road, Battersea, Surrey, widow, died 23 October1932 at St John's Hospital, St John's Hill, Battersea. Probate London 5 November, to Elsie Quested spinster.

Administration Samuel Quested Effects 130 pounds
Samuel Quested of 61 Morville Street, Bow, Middlesex died 6 November 1932. Administration London 5 December to Henry Frederick Quested, storekeeper.

Administration Matthew Quested Effects 1598 pounds 6s
Matthew Quested of Park Gate Farm, Elham near Canterbury died 11 October 1932 at 15 St Francis Road, Folkestone. Administration London. 8 April to Lilian Ann Quested, widow, and Sophia Lilian Quested, spinster.

Administration Thomas John Quested Effects 146 pound 12s
Thomas John Quested of 4 Brampton Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire died 2 February 1933. Administration London 2 March to Emma Ellen Quested widow.

Will Amelia Mary Ann Quested Effects 1023 pounds 17s 2d
Amelia Mary Ann Quested of 21 Ashbourne Grove East Dulwich, Surrey (wife of Frederick Thomas Quested) died 20 July 1934. Probate London 7 January to Frederick Thomas Quested fitter's mate.

Administration Frederick Charles Quested Effects 110 pounds
Frederick Charles Quested of 11 Portland Street St Albans Hertfordshire, died 29 August 1935 at Oster House St Albans. Administration London 28 September to Albert Edward Quested, retired railway servant.

Will Richard Thomas Hyland Quested Effects 1843 pounds 16s 1d
Richard Thomas Hyland Quested of Gymminge Brook Farm, Stanford, Kent died 10 January 1935 at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Folkestone. Probate London 15 March to Emma Quested, widow.

Administration Emily Quested Effects 716 pounds 12s 3d
Emily Quested of Marley, Kingston, Kent (wife of James Richard Quested) died 11 December 1923. Administration (with Will) Lewes 3 September to the said James Richard Quested, general labourer.

Will Ernest Leslie Pottinger Quested Effects 9368 pounds 1s 7d
Ernest Leslie Pottinger Quested of 29 Approach Road, Margate died 27 June 1938. Probate London 16 August to Rose Ellen Quested, widow, Eric George Quested, farmer and Herbert Quested, banker's clerk.

Will Elizabeth Quested Effects 500 pounds 16s 3d
Elizabeth Quested of Campbell Villa, Richmond Avenue, South Benfleet, Essex (wife of Albert Edward Quested) died 30 September 1939. Probate London 28 October to the said Albert Edward Quested, retired railway official.

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